Do you have condensation problems?

Then the whole house ventilation system is the answer!


Home'n'Dry XL is a whole House Ventilation System, normally fitted in the roof space. The unit introduces a constant flow of filtered, tempered air into the dwelling, providing a constant flow of dry air which reduces R.H. The system will create a positive pressure and stale air escapes through the fabric of the building.

Advanced Automatic Control

Once the unit is commissioned it will run automatically without adjustment required.

Selectable Fan Speeds

The fan can be set to the optimum speed by the infinitely variable fan speed selector. A very important feature in terms of nuisance free operation. If the fan is too slow the system would not work, if too fast, the system could cause draughts.

Temperature Selection

The electronic control is factory set to operate between 5ºC and 24ºC air inlet temperature. Above 24ºC or below 5ºC the unit will switch off and re-start automatically when temperatures fall back within the range. However, a number of control temperature options are available and can be easily set at commissioning.

Hour Run Meter

The control panel has an integral hour run meter so that the unit can be checked for length of running period.

Spike protection

Electrical spikes cause erratic operation and even failure of electronics. The control panel incorporate in built protection against spikes.

Remote Override Option

The control system has provision for a remote override switch / humidistat in order to offer advanced control options.

D.C. Fan – Low Running Cost

Because the unit uses a low wattage D.C. motor running costs are kept to a minimum = less than 1p a day.

Optional Pre-heater

Supply air can be pre-heated prior to delivery. Particularly useful for geographical areas prone to extreme cold during winter months.

Simple Installation

Home'n'Dry XL can be installed in the roof space within a couple of hours with minimal disruption to the you!

If you are interested in solving your condensation problems, then call Jim about the whole house ventilation systems on 07774 475 811 or 01325 281369.

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